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Vybz Kartel is behind bars and still stirring up controversy in the entertainment industry with his music.

The main concept of the song appears to draw attention to the woman’s ability to ‘ride’, and critics are already speculating that Vybz Kartel may have been sexually involved with popular female jockey Georgina Sergeon, who is also a babymother of reggae artiste Chuck Fenda.

some parts of the song might appear a bit personal, especially the second verse. It appears that Vybz Kartel was attempting to compare his sexual experience to being ridden by a jockey, without literally stating that he had sexual relations with Fenda’s babymother. However, some critics are of the view that the construct of the song was not a mere comparison but a real situation since Vybz Kartel did mention the name Georgina Sergeon.
When contacted by The STAR, Chuck Fenda confirmed that Georgina Sergeon was in fact his babymother. He also believes Kartel’s song is a publicity stunt, but says he (Chuck Fenda) was holding a positive meditation.
“I am focused on doing good music. Yes, Georgina is my baby mother, but I think this Kartel thing is just to make the song popular and nothing more. I am more focused on my music. I have a song called Stop Worry on DJ Frass’ Diamond and Gold rhythm, and that is what I am pushing. Suh mi not even a worry bout this. A Sumfest mi a pree fi guh blaze the fire,” Chuck Fenda said.
However, unlike Fenda, Georgina Sergeon appeared to be more concerned about the rumours. She says nobody from Vybz Kartel‘s camp made an effort to get her permission to use her name in such a manner.
“I don’t even know the guy, and I have never seen him before. Somebody from New York called me and told me that Vybz Kartel has a song with my name in it and I wasn’t contacted by anybody to get permission, so I don’t agree with that recording,” the racehorse jockey said.
“People are now saying I am in a relationship with Vybz Kartel. He is in lock up, so people should figure out that this is nonsense. It’s just to get a hype. I am the best female jockey in the Caribbean, so maybe that’s why he did the song and some people take it out of context and are trying to be mischievous,” Sergeon said.
The jockey says she wants the rumours to stop, citing that she has a family that can be impacted.
“I don’t have time for this foolishness, I have my family and I don’t want people to think that this is true. And those trying to spread the lies are just badmind and sitting there calling my name won’t make me poorer or richer,” she said.
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