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Police High Command investigating search of Kartel’s cell

Police High Command investigating search of Kartel’s cell
At the request of his lawyers, the Police High Command has reportedly launched an investigation into reports that contraband was found in the cell of entertainer Vybz Kartel. 

In a news release on September 18, the Constabulary Communication Network reported that the contraband, a DVD player, an Apple iPod and two cellular phones, were found in Kartel’s possession at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston. 

The police have said the items were seized in connection to a murder inquiry being conducted following the shooting death of popular music producer Patrick Samuels otherwise called 'Roach'. 

However, Attorney-at-Law Tom Tavares-Finson, said his client was given legal permission for the DVD player and Apple iPod and has since submitted a copy of the permission granted to Kartel, whose given name is Adidjah Palmer. 

He argued that the news release was calculated to prejudice a pending murder trial involving Kartel and wrote to several State authorities including the police commissioner calling for an investigation into the motives of the police search. 

Tavares-Finson told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre last night that officials from the police commissioner’s office visited Kartel last week Thursday as part of an enquiry. 

The lawyer has also said their investigations revealed that the phones, reportedly taken from Kartel’s cell, were taken from an adjoining cell. 

Kartel is to go on trial in the Home Circuit Court on November 18th in relation to the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. 



Mr Vegas - Give It to Har Bubbler [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (RAW) ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013

Mr Vegas - Give It to Har Bubbler [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (RAW) ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013
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Deablo - Bad Company [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013

Deablo - Bad Company [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013
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Vybz Kartel,'' I Set The New Millenium For Benchmark Dancehall ''

Vybz Kartel Mayb Incarnated But Not Silence
The Former Portmore Empire Head Not Only Still Dominate Dancehall Airwaves Around The World,But Has A New Album Out

''Vybz Kartel, No I Wont Stop Bleaching'', Talks Betrayal

Kartel Forever Trilogy Hit Stores On September 24, The Triple Disc Album Features New and Previously Singles ''Benz Punany'' Dancehall Hero,''and The Smash Hit ''School''

According To Vybz Kartel,Other Artists Have Been Copyrighting His Style Since His Emergence Over A Decade Ago

''Most Artists Since 2002 have been biting My Style, ''Vybz Kartel Said. ''Listen Dancehall Flow and Vocabulary before Kartel's  Emergence and Listen it now, Since I Came. I Set The New Millenium BenchMark For Dancehall.''

Vybz Kartel is Gearing Up For His Upcoming Murder Trial For The Former Alleged associate.
The high profile trial kicks off on November 18, In The Jamaican High Court. If Convicted Vybz Kartel Could Spend The Rest Of His Life Behind Bars.


Aidonia - Ghetto Youth [Kuff Again Riddim] Sept 2013

Aidonia - Ghetto Youth [Kuff Again Riddim] Sept 2013
Prod/Tiger Shark Records
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Black Ryno - Hard Fi Deal Wid (Popcaan Diss) [Sept 2013]

Black Ryno - Hard Fi Deal Wid (Popcaan Diss) [Sept 2013]
Prod/Stashment Production,@1cruzcontrol,@Stashmentreal
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Busy Signal - Same Way [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013

Busy Signal - Same Way [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013

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Tabeta Cshae - Living On High Hopes [Sept 2013]

 ♪♪lıllı ((((|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|)))) ıllı ♪♪   
Tabeta Cshae - Living On High Hopes [Sept 2013]
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♪♪lıllı ((((|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|)))) ıllı ♪♪
Tabeta Cshae - Living On High Hopes [Sept 2013]
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Tommy Lee Sparta -- Vibes inna dis [RAW] [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013

Tommy Lee Sparta -- Vibes inna dis [RAW] [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ''HD/HQ'' SEPT 2013
 ♪♪lıllı ((((|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|)))) ıllı ♪♪    
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Sizzla -- Fight Dem Own Self [North Wind Riddim] Sept 2013

Sizzla -- Fight Dem Own Self [North Wind Riddim] Sept 2013 



QQ - PON ME [SEPT 2013]

QQ - PON ME [SEPT 2013]

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Lady Saw – As Of Now [The Shank Riddim] Sept 2013


Merciless – Get To The Piont (Raw) [The Shank Riddim] Sept 2013

Merciless – Get To The Piont (Raw) [The Shank Riddim] Sept 2013

Capelton – Hard Fi Learn (Raw) [The Shank Riddim] Sept 2013

Capelton – Hard Fi Learn (Raw) [The Shank Riddim] Sept 2013



Dancehall icon Adidja “Vybz Kartel” Palmer drops his new album Kartel Forever: Trilogy, now available physically and digitally worldwide from Tad’s RecordScoring coveted media attention from mainstream press including MTVThe Fader Magazine and Complex Magazine, along with articles and reviews in numerous European and Caribbean media, Kartel Forever: Trilogy debuted at #5 on the iTunes Reggae TopAlbums Chart during its release day on September 24, 2013. The three-disc anthology remains in the iTunes top ten reggae albums, a commendable showing for an album that comes with a hefty price tag of $24.99, compared to other releases that average $9.99.

Hailed as the undisputed World Boss of the dancehall genre,Kartel Forever: Trilogy is a rare international release from the talented and controversial artist, who remains incarcerated in his homeland, Jamaica. Celebrated and polarized for his stimulating lyrics and provocative ploys on and off stage, there is no doubtVybz Kartel is a defining thread in the fabric of dancehall.
The Fader Magazine prides itself on being a definitive voice inmusic and previously hosted Vybz Kartel on its cover in June 2011. The Fader exclusively premiered the entire Kartel Forever: Trilogy album as a live stream for its massive audience on itsrelease date, as the magazine celebrates Vybz Kartel as one of the biggest names in music today.
Check out The Fader’s Live Stream of Kartel Forever: Trilogy
MTV Iggy, a division of Viacom Media Networks, is focused on bringing cutting-edge global music and pop-culture to the US. With a full album review due out later this week, journalist Marlon Bishop previewed the album with some bold words. “Vybz Kartel is the most powerful force in Jamaican music today: this is a fact few onthe island would dispute,” Bishop stated.
Kartel Forever: Trilogy boasts 60 tracks on the three-disc album, including previously unreleased singles and numerous hits from recent years. Kartel is determined to stay atop his dancehall throne and keep his fans satisfied until his inevitable return to the studio to make music for the masses. Jamaican imprint Tad’s Recordmaintains a strong partnership with the entertainer. According to the label, both overt and covert fans are raving about this colossal collection that showcases Kartel’s hit songs in its raw and purest form. “The positive response that we have received regardingKartel Forever: Trilogy is overwhelming and more than we could imagine,” reveals Tad Dawkins, President of Tad’s Record. “Vybz Kartel’s fans were starving since the release of Pon Di Gaza 2.0and we are pleased to have lived up to their expectations with this follow-up tribute to a pioneering dancehall lyricist.”
With a slew of Vybz Kartel songs currently enjoying heavy rotation in Jamaica and on urban radio worldwide, including new singles“Compass,” “Business” and “School,” Kartel Forever: Trilogyprovides a vivid kaleidoscope of his continued evolution as an extraordinary artist. Despite his geographic limitations, his musicspeaks volumes, as is evident from his continued surge in popularity and international demand, which continues to increase with each passing day.
Kartel Forever: Trilogy is now available in stores online, fromTad’s Record.




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DJ Dain The Remix King Presents “Someday Mixtape” Hosted By Jahmiel



Part 1
1. Sort Dem Out – Demarco
2. Friend Killer – Demarco
3. True Friend – Demarco
4. She Nah Leave -Demarco
5. Apartment – Demarco
Part 2
6. Apartment part 2 – Demarco
7. Just a Dweet – Konshens
8. Nuh Threat to We – Demarco
9. Dweet we a Dweet – Vybz Kartel
10. Throw mi corn – Demarco
Part 3
11. Throw mi corn part 2 – Demarco
12. Streets on Fire -Chase Cross
13. Me Nah Scared – Mavado
14. Nuh Di Worst inna life – Demarco
15. My Confessions – Demarco
16. Give thanks for Life – Demarco
17. Whole a wi Bad – Demarco
18. Convertible – Vybz Kartel
19. How You Suh Tight – Spice
20. Clean Stamp – Popcaan
21. Quenga – Demarco
Part 4
22. Quenga part 2 – Demarco
23. G fi life – Masicka
24. Run Dem Weh – Ward 21
25. Bun Out Demon & Devil – Demarco
26. Wine Up – J Angel
27. Nuh Other Way – Mad Cobra
28. Party in S.A – Demarco
Part 5
29. Party in S.A part 2 – Demarco
30. Right Back -Wayne Marshall feat Kurrupt
31. Tun Up Di Ting – Khago
32. Nuff Gal – Demarco
33. Hold Yuh Remix – Gyptian feat Nicki Minaj
34. Wine Me Nuh Gyal – Demarco
35. I love my life – Demarco
36. Fuk she Wah – Darrio
37. Steady Whine – Demarco
Part 6
38. Steady Whine Part 2 – Demarco
39. Ovadose mi bankbook – Vybz Kartel
40. Clutch Back – Bushman
41. Di Flavour – Buju Banton
42. Tight Pussy Walk – Demarco
43. At the top – Mavado
44. Money – Demarco
Part 7
45. Money part 2 – Demarco
46. Thank god fi di gyal dem – Konshens
47. Whine & Brace – Demarco
48. How we livin – Konshens
49. Clean like god – Demarco
50. WTF – RDX
51. Whine go down low – Demarco
52. 630 – Demarco
53. Fuk Summer – Khago
54. Claaty Again – Charly Black
55. This is the life – Demarco
56. Got it like that – Tifa
57. Naaana -Flexxx
58. Dah Sumn Deh – Mad Cobra
59. Owna Don – Demarco
60. Get gal fi free – Vybz Kartel
61. Trun him on – Demarco
62. Beenie Beenie – Beenie Man
63. Fresh Prince of Bellair – Mr G & Seanizzle
64. Wake up di scheme – Demarco
65. Tek weh yu Gyal – Stein
66. She Like me – Aidonia
67. Movie Star – Mavado
68. Bun it off- Demarco
Part 8
69. Bun it off Part 2 – Demarco
70. Broad out – Demarco
71. Rave we a Rave – Liquid
72. Khaki – Beenie Man Feat Raine Seville
73. Tiny Winey – Spice
74. Dem a Work -Demarco
75. Continue Whine – Demarco


Shawn Storm - Gallis Persona (RAW) Sept 2013

Shawn Storm - Gallis Persona (RAW) Sept 2013







Dancehall artistes Khago and Laden have started a Lyrical war just less than 100 days before Sting. Dancehall fans are now anticipating a showdown at this year staging of Sting 2013 between both artistes. The lyrical confrontation started when Laden released a diss song titled Google Badmind featuring Benji, which is said to be aimed at Khago.

Khago‘s name was not mentioned in the song, however, the artiste swiftly released a counteraction called Missa Nyam Fuck, in which he fires several lyrical shots in the direction of Laden.
“Mi google house and fi him and a Stephen dog house come up, ambition and a cruff come up. Ooii deh Missa Nyam Suh di wholla junction a talk sey yu nyam suh, Ooii deh Missa nyam suh, Stephen give him back di key to the dog hut … badmind yu fi wah? Afta yu nuh have nuttin not, even the shirt wey yu a button, cause a Chino deh mind yu, mine him a whine yu. Yendi muss know something inna something,”Khago sings.
Laden has since responded to Khago’s counteraction with an effort called Nuh Joke in which he pokes fun at Khago’s threesome song and his fallout with Downsound Records.
“Wi google badmind a di cap fit him, all him madda wey birth him is not with him. Him a train fi badmind him practising, anytime Sizzla hold him every locks missing. Dem run yu from Downsound dat couldn’t be me, yu lyrics dem a analog fimi dem a 3D. Scatta dis yu pon TV and bruck yu CD,”Laden responded in hissong.
The song was done to take over the streets, so me a tek it to the streets. Who the cap fit mek dem wear it, and they love to wear cap so mek dem gwaan wear it,” Laden said.
Laden also disclosed that he and Khago were never friends and said a music video will be released for Google Badmind in coming weeks.
In a release sent to The STAR, Khago expressed that Laden simply wanted a hype by throwing (lyrical) shots at him.
“Me no have no microchip in no man mind. Him claim say a eight years now him have things fi say and him just feel fi talk back now and him deh round Big Ship from when a voice. Why a now him a choose fi say things?,” Khago questioned.
According to Laden, Google Badmind did not mention Khago‘s name, but members of his team took offence and released a counteraction
Growing Popularity
Khago believes Laden‘s grouse against him came in wake of his growing popularity in St Elizabeth, which is Laden‘s home parish.
“Yu know what, a because me open a bar and gym in Junction, St Elizabeth, and di people dem say him buss four years before me and still no do nutten in a Junction. Laden a carry a bad vibe since Khago sign up-and-comingdancehall/reggae artiste Vigilant to the forefront. Laden a try look a forward from Khago’s career,” he said.
Khago has already counteracted Laden’s No Joke with an explicit single called Missa/Chalk Him Out.
The Nah Sell Out singjay is currently promoting Gal Dem Nuff which features Vigilant. Laden on the other hand is promoting a female dance song called Dip and Come Up.

Shaggy - Light It Up [Sept 2013]

Shaggy - Light It Up [Sept 2013]


Vybz Kartel Attorney Says Items Seized Were Approved By Superintendent

Vybz Kartel Attorney Says Items Seized Were Approved By Superintendent

Vybz Kartel and his legal team, headed by Tom Tavares-Finson, are fighting back some bad press earlier this week.
On Wednesday the Jamaican police force revealed that they uncovered contraband in Vybz Kartel’s jail cell as they stepped up their probe into theshooting death of producer Patrick “Roach” Samuels.
DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Issue Statement On Roach Murder, Bash Police Officers
In a statement released to the media, officers say they found three flash drives, two cell phones and a DVD player in Kartel’s cell. They also found a sim card and a written note in Garfield Vassell, aka Zebra, jail cell, and also another DVD player in Shawn “Storm” Campbell’s cell.
In a statement released to the media, Kartel’s legal team revealed proof that the dancehall star had approval for the items.
See the full statement below:
On the 18th day of September 2013 in a news release by the Jamaica Constabulary Force Constabulary Communication Network entitled “contraband found in Kartel’s gaol cell” (copy enclosed) stated inter alia that following a search of the jail cell occupied by Adidja Palmer on Sunday the 15th of September 2013 and Monday the 16th day of September 2013 a number of items of contraband were seized from his cell. These include:
A DVD player and an Apple Ipod; Two (2) cellular phones; and “A piece of paper containing instructions purportedly written by a popular entertainer”.
These items the police release reported were seized in connection to a murder inquiry being conducted following the shooting death of Patrick Samuels otherwise called “Roach”.
Following upon our investigations and instructions we are in a position to state: -
a. The DVD and Apple Ipod taken from the cell of Adidja Palmer were being held by him with the full permission and knowledge of the authorities and the Superintendent of the prison (enclosed for your information is document entitled “Horizon Adult Remand Centre Legal Approval by Superintendent”);

b. With respect to the (two) 2 telephones reportedly taken from our client’s cell, all our investigations reveal that these phones were taken from an adjoining cell. The occupier of that cell has already indicated to the authorities that the phones belong to him; and
c. The piece of paper mentioned above is, in fact, instructions written by Palmer to a financial institution.
This news release was obviously calculated to prejudice the pending bail application and trial of Mr. Palmer set in the Home Circuit Court for the 18th of November 2013. It contains the obvious implication that by possessing these items of “contraband” Mr. Palmer was in some way connected to the murder of Samuels.
We wish to remind that in February 2013 during the process of a bail application for palmer, a Senior Superintendent of Police submitted a statement to the effect that “three (3) phones were found in his cell. This allegation was used in opposition to the bail application and it transpired to have been a fabrication and outright lie. We had written to the Director of Public Prosecutions on the 1st day of July 2013 asking that office to investigate this matter; however, to date we have had no response to this request.
I have written to the Commissioner of Police, Commissioner of Corrections, INDECOM requesting an immediate investigation into this matter and to the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine whether or not the news release calculated as it was to prejudice his pending bail hearing and trial presently before the Home Circuit Court amounts to a contempt of court which ought to be prosecuted.
Patrick Roach, a former road manager for Vybz Kartel, was shot and killed early Sunday morning by armed thugs along Mannings Hill Rd in Kingston.
His killers are still on the loose.