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VYBZ KARTEL COURT UPDATE - Text messages have leaked today in court


Clive Williams to Vybz Kartel – August 8, 2011 

3.09 pm - Williams: “Daddy a little thing gwaan. Wi really waan talk to you daddy” 


Shawn Campbell (Shawn Storm) to Vybz Kartel - August 16, 2011

3.09 pm – Storm: Mi boss wi haffi get back dem ting deh, mi boss

3.28 am – Storm: “Cuz right now, mi not even can sleep, mi boss”

3.29 am – Storm: “Jah know di likkle time mi close mi eye”


Shawn Campbell to 844-5320- August 16, 2011

1.11 pm - Storm: “Something a gwaan pon di ends and a serious some ting cuz ppl ago ded don’t tell mammy nottin”

1.12 pm - Storm: “And delete dem txt yah wen mi don txt you

1.20 pm - Storm: No mi gd

1.21 pm - Storm: And who tief it ago ded

1.21 pm - Storm: Soon mek yuh know waah go gwaan

1.43 pm - Storm: “How much fi deal with every ting fi Lizzy

1.45 pm - Storm: “ok”


Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams to his girlfriend - August 16, 2011

6.53 pm - Williams: “baby, teacha sen call”

6.55 pm - Girlfriend: “What are you going to do bbz”

6.57 pm - Girlfriend: “I couldn’t answer, bbz. Sorry”

6.58 pm - Williams: “I’m really SCARED baby, please call police. You have to save me, plz”

6.58 pm - Girlfriend: “jus u alone?”

7.00 pm - Williams: “Please tell Nadine to call police for me please. U have to do it now, please”

7.08 pm - Williams: “tell dem that Vybz Kartel ago kill we, please baby”

7.09 pm - Williams: “please you have to hurry up”

7.11 pm - Williams: “Shawn can’t save we, plz. We in a Need a drive go up there”

7.13 pm - Williams: “baby are u sure? Wats the address, bbz?”

7.13 pm - Williams: “tell Nadine to call the police”

7.16 pm - Williams: “baby, please all mi know a Havendale. Please tell dem fi look for Neepha car”

7.18 pm - Williams: “mi deh a Red Hill Road a go up please please”

7.18 pm - Girlfriend: “ok baby, i’m praying for u. Yhou tht ntn doesnt happen i will call” [sic]

7.20 pm - Williams: “tell Nadine don’t stop. Please call every min”

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